“You can all have a hand in Future Cities”

August 14, 2018 – Lauren Cavender, Global Head of Brand & Content Strategy

Who are you and what’s your role during the Global Shapers 2018 program? 

Hello, my name is Lauren Cavender and I help lead the Arcadis brand and create thought leadership pieces that expose how we improve quality of life around the world.  I am a virtual ambassador for Team Kuala Lumpur and I am also a workflow coach for 2018 Global Shapers focused on Sustainable Cities.

What do you think about the theme Future Cities? 

This year’s Future Cities theme is close to my heart having worked very close with the Big Urban Client program. It is a very exciting time to be working at Arcadis as we are revolutionizing life in many cities around the world whether it be the transit systems in Sydney, Australia to regenerating areas of London, England for more affordable housing, or keeping New York City, USA resilient from sea level rise.  Regardless of a Global Shaper’s profession as an engineer, surveyor, program manager, marketer, etc. you can all have a hand in Future Cities. Why? You have insight as you live in a city – you are a citizen!

How is the virtual phase going so far?

My role as a virtual ambassador is to kindle the fire under my team by partnering in their collaboration to help them all achieve their goal. The beginning of the Global Shapers virtual phase is an exciting time. Consider it a virtual college/university dorm room of everyone initially coming other and getting to know each other both personally and professionally. As future leaders, we are learning about everyone’s backgrounds and experiences and what they each bring to the table at Arcadis.

Any tips for the Global Shapers?

These next several weeks will go FAST so, get outside your comfort zone. With no risk, there will be no reward. Push to meet people outside your business focus and your region. Share your culture. Ask questions you don’t feel comfortable asking. Bust a move on the dance floor! The more you put in, the more you will get out.

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