InstAwards – Thanks for voting!

Insta3The winners of the InstAwards have all been announced on Instagram last week. Thanks a lot for voting! These Global Shapers won in their category:

  • Most exciting post: Stephen Casimiro 
  • Most engaging post: Tan Mei Chen (Jenny)
  • Most liked post: Thamy Cavassani 

Congratulations to Stephen, Jenny and Thamy!

The ‘GS@Work’ initiative continues in 2015, hopefully with as enthusiast reactions as from some of the 2014 participants who were nominated for an InstAward:

Thamy“The question it is not be popular, it is about sharing our culture and our daily work with as many Arcadians as possible. Gen Y + Brazilians (= myself) have this culture to share everything we do with family and friends. We think this action connects people to our life. This is Global Shapers for me: an international program connecting Arcadians through the world. The project GS@Work is a perfect tool to see how it works in our real life, behind the F2F meeting, behind mobiles or screens computers.” Thamy Cavassani (ARCADIS Logos Brazil)

Jenny“I love the idea of GS@Work and I enjoy browsing the photos posted by our fellow global shapers! The interesting part is by browsing the photos, I feel we are all connected even though our professional background, scope of works and time zone are different! How amazing is that!” Tan Mei Chen (Jenny) (Langdon & Seah)


“Having a job you enjoy is very satisfying and being able to share your passion with others is even more fascinating. GS@Work makes you feel part of something big. Each one of us is contributing on its own way to being recognized as the best. It is great to see how others work and in which projects they are involved with.” Fernando Leite (ARCADIS Logos Brazil)

Garrett“The GS@Work initiative is a window into the careers of our peers and it has been a great experience thus far. I personally enjoyed sharing my week because I have not met many bridge engineers at ARCADIS and maybe, just maybe, my post inspired someone on social media to pursue a career in structural engineering. All in all, it is amazing to see young ambitious professionals paving the way for themselves and future generations. I am a fan of this initiative and I look forward to a new Global Shaper each week!” Garrett Masiulis (ARCADIS US)

Stephen“GS@Work is a great way to learn about how young Arcadians thrive in their respective OpCos and get a feel of the ARCADIS professional roadmap. Each GS workday grants me an exciting ten-second glimpse of how it is to be in someone’s shoes a thousand miles away. Moreover, personally sharing my own workweek has made me see the hip and the awesome in day-to-day activities which are often taken for granted. Thinking of something interesting to share everyday has made me realize just how much there is to appreciate. Here’s to an even greater GS@work year!” Stephen Casimiro (Langdon & Seah)

Rodrigo“Usually when we hang out with our friends and talk about our work we tend to put it as tedious “I don’t like what I’m doing” thing. Although I’m not planning to say that everyone at our company loves what they’re doing, GS@Work has shown me that we do amazing things at amazing places. Don’t trust my word and take the following examples:
– Luiza (ARCADIS Logos) posted on Sept. 19 2014 the amazing landscape that she can call “office”.
– My very good friend Ties (ARCADIS NL) has a cutout of The Stig in his office!
– Or remember when the great Leander (ARCADIS NL) assisted to the Wintercup and got reunited with the amazing people from GS2012 & 2013.
These examples should be an inspiration to all of us of how we can take advantage of the tools and flexibility ARCADIS has in order to make our day more enjoyable and, in the end, make our week an amazing work week!” Rodrigo Suarez (ARCADIS Chile)

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