Memoirs of #GoldenBoy

Where do I even begin? From day one, it’s felt like all 99 of us have known each other for years. Who would’ve ever guessed that we are 99 multinational, multidisciplinary individuals from over 20 different countries who share a common theme—improving the quality of life through digital and sustainable solutions?

My Global Shapers experience has been a little different from the norm. I was the lucky winner of the sole Global Shapers Golden Ticket for 2017. Because I guessed the theme of this year’s program, I wasn’t required to submit a formal application video and was given direct entry to the program. Since I didn’t have to apply, I felt obliged to involve myself in the program in other ways, and I nominated myself to be a coach for a morning sports class.

A little bit of background information: every morning during the Face-2-Face program, Shapers offer a variety of sports classes. These range from basketball to dodgeball and dancing to swimming. A weight lifter myself, I volunteered to coach a boot camp class. What a great opportunity to share my passion for fitness with my fellow Global Shapers!

Surprisingly enough, the first official morning, I had about 12 people ready and keen for a solid fitness session. I don’t think it took them long to regret that decision—big time. By the end of only 30 minutes, I had people sweating, exhausted and truly ready to smash out the daunting tasks ahead. Needless to say, a few sore bodies appeared the next morning at breakfast!

Kody O’Hea – Australia Pacific 

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