Clément Gaudry is City Councillor and selected as Global Shaper, congratulations!

26 juni 2018

We are very excited to announce that Clément Gaudry from Arcadis Continental Europe has been selected as City Councillor of Generation 2018 thanks to his outstanding application. John Batten (Global Cities Director) was very impressed with Clément’s application. The title City Councillor means that Clément has officially been pre-selected to be a Global Shaper of Generation 2018. Congratulations Clément!

With Dibya Maheswari as Mayor, winner of the pre-application challenge, and Jess Sandford as other City Councillor, Clément is officially the 3rd Global Shaper of this year.

In his application, Clément shows the city of his inspiration, Paris, and takes the viewer along a brief analysis of the current situation followed by his vision of underground solutions for cities. His way of presenting is clear and his ideas refreshing. Well done! This earned you a well-deserved spot in Global Shapers: Generation 2018!

Curious how Clément reacted when the good news was announced? Watch it right here!


Curious about Clément’s application? Watch it right here!