This was Global Shapers: Generation 2018!

22 oktober 2018

Curious about Global Shapers: Generation 2018?  Watch the after movie, created by the Global Shapers themselves! 

The face-to-face (f2f) program of Global Shapers: Generation 2018 has come to an end. Last week, 98 Global Shapers from 29 countries met each other in in Boston, Massachusetts, USA (and 4 additional Shapers connected virtually!). Together, they combined their diverse (cultural) backgrounds and new-generation skillsets to create a deep and powerful impact and make new global connections. This year’s theme was #FutureCities, addressed by a combination of creativity, energy, ideas, enthusiasm, hard work, and fun times. The Global Shapers worked together with the Organizing Team, workflow coaches and special guests, including: Sarah Kuijlaars (Chief Financial Officer), Mary-Ann Hopkins (Group Executive of the Americas & CallisonRTKL), Lia Belilos (Chief People Officer), Patrick van Hoof (Global Director Digital Innovation) and main business sponsor John Batten (Global Cities Director)

There were six workflows at the f2f program: Smart Cities; Resilient Cities; Regenerative Cities; Sustainable Cities; Grand Finale; and Share the Story. Each of these workflows had key deliverables, that will be utilised in sharing the impact, knowledge transfers, and developments created during the program. Additionally, all Global Shapers will be taking their learnings home and sharing it with their local offices, creating a #RippleEffect.

Curious to learn more about the program and/or deliverables? Get in touch with the Global Shapers: Generation 2018 from your region. They are happy to tell you everything about their experience and the deliverables of the program.

Enjoy the video!