Blog – Bhanu sees the Rail Track Design implication on site

The Quest experience from Bhanu

Quest is an international transfer program which connects Arcadians from all over the world. Quest is sponsored by the Lovinklaan Foundation. Every week we are highlighting the story of one of our employees who went on an exchange. In this blogpost we are sharing the experience of Bhanu Prakash, travelling from the Bangalore office in India to London in the UK.

“The Quest allowed me to see the Rail Track Design implication on site and I gained a better understanding of project requirements & deliverables through meeting stakeholders.”

Why did I apply for a Quest

I applied for a Quest because I wanted to see the Rail Track Design implication on site and to meet our stakeholders for better understanding of Project Requirements & Deliverables. Furthermore, it would be nice to be introduced to UK work culture and people. I was also looking forward to site visits along with our CRE to get a clear vision of constraints on site and the equipment of the track.

Highlight of my quest experience

One of the highlights during my trip was the freshly tamped track (Right-side Track). The design of the track was done a day prior to the implication on site. It was designed in the presence of CRE, Senior Engineers in UK office during our visit. I felt honored to be part of this, but also enjoyed the live interaction with CRE. These interactions allowed me to tweak my design.

Learnings and experiences

Through the exchange I am now able to better foresee the complexities, understand the importance of accurate time management (planning) for to make sure can deliver. My recommendations for  any participant who are going on a Quest exchange to visit at least three sites in the host country:

  1. Design already been implemented
  2. Design in progress
  3. Design yet to be started sites

These 3 phases allow to you learn from the differences between how other offices and countries work and make you aware on how to improve planning your current and future deliverables when you get back to your home office.

The international transfer program Quest, which connects Arcadians from all over the world, is sponsored by the Lovinklaan Foundation.

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