Our Arcade-Style Installation for the Seattle Design Festival 2019

28 oktober 2019

This year, we as CRTKL participated in the Seattle Design Festival (SDF) which was held from August 16-25 throughout the city and it ended with a Block Party at Lake Union Park. It was a great week for designers, community members and leaders to explore the idea of balance, the theme for the year, and have a conversation on how we could achieve it in the city.

Our team this year decided to create an interactive installation that would appeal and relate to all ages. The arcade-style installation, inspired by our childhood growing up, consists of 4 different games in a pyramid looking structure. Each game was specifically designed to illustrate the importance of teamwork and inclusion. On top of that, we wanted to create something that the community could enjoy and have fun with.

Even though this project took a lot of time and effort after work, it was still a great experience since it was something different from my day-to-day work. We had to design and physically build a model in the woodshop and it reminded me of my college days. I also got the opportunity to work with other young designers from different studios in the office and it was really fun.

Our installation was also selected to be featured at Bumbershoot, a music festival, along with 3 other proposals. It was really exciting for us to showcase our work to a larger audience. The installation is currently back at our office and here are some photos from the events.

Checkout this link below to read more about our inspiration for our installation.

A view of our installation at Lake Union Park

A view of our installation at SDF with the Space Needle

A view of the installation at Bumbershoot

A view of the installation at the office

By Hannah Lim