Will our Future Cities be in outer space?

06 september 2018

By Tomasz Adach

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. This sentence is very close to me and makes me look beyond the horizon each day, no matter what.

How far are we looking?

As an Arcadis Global Shaper you have an unprecedented opportunity to have an unlimited sight and to share your point with all seekers wherever they are and whatever they do. One of the major questions we have today in front of us is the question of #futurecities. Each of us contributes with our skills, experience and imagination to improve our knowledge and develop our engineering capacity in this subject.

With this, we develop state-of-the-art methods and tools, do massive data analyses, which are becoming a must, and all of this in ways during which our digital thoughts are shared in real time. We design a sustainable space where each can find its place.  I would say that the meaning of a nationality, frontiers or professions as we known them today are disappearing and merging into one, one team.

After a cognitive, agricultural and industrial revolution we are at the edge of our fourth revolution. Our society is changing like never before and probably this is the time in which we are preparing ourselves to explore the outer space.

What will be the definition of our future cities, technically and socially speaking? It depends on YOU.

How far are YOU looking?