Leap of Faith – How GS helped me grow

Hi, I am Stephen from GS 2014. There is a good chance that we have not met yet so it goes as an unwritten rule that I spill myself somehow if I want to keep you reading right? Well, if there is anything important for you to know upfront, it is that I am a natural introvert. To be specific, an INFP (don’t understand? you’ll learn more if you join GS 2017 *wink*)

And as any introvert would relate, it is not my heartfelt desire to just suddenly fling myself to a gathering. In an ordinary day, I feel most comfy reading books, watching movies or playing guitar.

So, what convinced me join the awesome Globalshapers program, you ask? I have one word for you: Growth.

Rewind three years ago and I find myself exactly where many of you are – deciding whether to apply in the program or not. In my case, I had a lot of hesitations. I was held back by a lot of “will I” – from will I be able to properly interact with 99 of the best and brightest young professionals in Arcadis to will I be able to represent my country, company and teammates the best I can?

Having asked myself all those daunting questions however, I also realized how massive an opportunity the program is. It is an avenue where I can meet exceptional people and tread wonderful experiences more than what my current situation presents. Right there in front of me is an invitation to grow.

Fast forward to this day, making the leap of faith to send my entry was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. From the application period till our stint at Chicago, I learned about a variety of individuals all coming from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds. I met scientists, marine biologists, accountants, project managers, architects, engineers and fellow quantity surveyors from all over the world. They are an awesome bunch of people who reminded me that it was not so scary to try after all.

The Globalshapers program also opened a whole new frontier in my professional career. After a few months, I was chosen to be part of a series of Arcadis Shelter seminars about urban planning here in the Philippines. We collaborated with the local government to help them properly plan and establish their cities especially after being struck down by super typhoon Haiyan.

In 2015, I was blessed to be chosen as the Globalshapers representative from Asia in the Arcadis Global Leadership Forum (AGLF) held in Rotterdam. There, I witnessed first-hand the vision of Arcadis and its aim for global unity. It was also pleasant to meet and greet the GS batch of 2015 with #engage. Then in 2016, I became part of the Arcadis Asia Leadership Forum in Bangkok, Thailand. I met the top potentials in the Asia region and helped them understand the Arcadis Way through escape rooms.

It’s interesting to think where I would be now if I decided not to apply, but one thing is certain – I grew. I went on fantastic adventures I never imagined I will be able to in such a short time. So don’t let your fears get in the way. Go on and try!

– Stephen Casimiro

Global Shaper: Generation 2014

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