Got problems submitting your pre-application answers? Read this!

*If you experience any issues with the submission of your pre-application answers…*

First of all, great team work! We’re sorry to hear some of you have problems submitting. We have some tips for you that might help you out:

  • Try to open the game in a different browser than the one you answered the questions in. You can also try using your mobile device instead
  • Directly input the answers into the ‘Become the Mayor’ form, instead of unlocking the video’s one by one. (Of course, you will need to have figured out the answers to do so).
  • Try submitting the form from there.
  • If you’re still not able to submit the form? No worries! Please, send an email to and mention your name, region (and social media accounts if you want) and include a print screen of your submission screen (including time and answers).

We will make sure to include your input for the Election!

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