• 09 Apr

    Board Meeting Wrap-up: March 2024

    In March, the Lovinklaan Board gathered in Rotterdam, setting the stage for a dynamic and forward-looking period ahead. Our time in Rotterdam was marked by promising updates on our programs and engaging discussions that underscored our commitment to empowering Arcadians worldwide. 

    During the meeting, we shared key updates on our ongoing programs – namely, Skills Powered Organization, Sustain Abilities, Imagine, and Quest. As a major shareholder and incubator, we continue to amplify our investment in programs that drive the growth and development of Arcadians. Exciting announcements are on the horizon, including updates on ongoing programs and the introduction of new initiatives that will be announced soon. Keep an eye out for these! 

  • 07 Mar

    IWD 2024: Accelerating Progress with our Program Managers

    The theme proposed by the United Nations for International Women’s Day (IWD) this year, ‘Invest in women: Accelerate Progress,’ resonates deeply with the Lovinklaan Foundation’s vision of investing in Arcadis and Arcadians to unlock their full potential and drive meaningful change.

    In line with our core values of ‘Inspiration,’ ‘Connection,’ and ‘Investment,’ we are honored to spotlight two exceptional Program Managers on this special occasion. Through their personal journeys as women, Arcadians, and Program Managers, Nikki Spapens and Mar Zumaquero exemplify resilience, determination, and leadership. Nikki’s dedication to sustainability drives our Sustain Abilities program, while Mar’s commitment to innovation fuels our Imagine Awards initiative.

    Join us in celebrating their achievements and inspiring stories, from role models to trailblazers, as we continue to champion gender equality and empowerment.

  • 22 Feb

    Celebrating successful handovers: Shelter & Expedition DNA

    The Lovinklaan Foundation prides itself on, among other things, being an incubator of several people-first initiatives for Arcadis.​ We are thrilled to look back on the significant milestones reached with our Shelter and Expedition DNA (EDNA) programs. As of 2024, these two transformative programs are being handed over to Arcadis after successful incubation periods of funding and guidance by the Lovinklaan Foundation. This is the best-case scenario for our programs after incubation as they have shown great value for Arcadians and bear promise moving forward.