• 22 Feb

    Celebrating successful handovers: Shelter & Expedition DNA

    The Lovinklaan Foundation prides itself on, among other things, being an incubator of several people-first initiatives for Arcadis.​ We are thrilled to look back on the significant milestones reached with our Shelter and Expedition DNA (EDNA) programs. As of 2024, these two transformative programs are being handed over to Arcadis after successful incubation periods of funding and guidance by the Lovinklaan Foundation. This is the best-case scenario for our programs after incubation as they have shown great value for Arcadians and bear promise moving forward.   

  • 30 Nov

    Board Meeting Wrap-up | November 2023

    The Lovinklaan Board gathered in Dublin in November, adding another successful face-to-face meeting to our series in Amsterdam and Toronto earlier this year. It was a multifaceted event with a full agenda, and we are excited to share some key highlights.