Global Shares

Your online shares account

In Global Shares, your online shares account you can manage and consult your shares portfolio. In Global Shares you can also view and download your Year End Statement showing your monthly (in the US: bi-weekly) deducted amounts, the number of shares that have been purchased on your behalf and the purchase price. Click here to log in at Global Shares. You need a valid user ID and password.

If you are at an Arcadis office or connected to the Arcadis network via the Tunnel, you can log in without your username and password via so-called single-sign on:


The Global Shares helpdesk is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for e.g. technical support, assistance on transactions, placing orders or information about executed orders.

  • English (IRE): +353 768 888 002
  • English (UK): +44 330 808 1845
  • English (US): +1 646 968 0653

More information?

Check the Frequently Asked Questions for detailed information about Global Shares and the Global Share Plan.