History of Lovinklaan

Founded to safeguard continuity

Lovinklaan Foundation was established in 1982 to facilitate the restart of the Dutch company Heidemij, which later became the international stock-listed company Arcadis NV. At that time, Lovinklaan had a dual responsibility as governing body and major shareholder.

Heidemij’s headquarters used to be situated at the Lovinklaan in Arnhem, named after one of the directors of Heidemij. Developments within Arcadis, such as the listing at the stock exchange, resulted in further changes in the mandate of the Foundation. The Priority Foundation and later on the Bellevue Foundation (1998) both took over the role as governing body.

After the continuity of the company had been established, Lovinklaan broadened its financial support to international programs aimed at promoting knowledge exchange, innovation and connecting employees.