Who we are

Largest shareholder - benefitting all Arcadians

Lovinklaan Foundation, a journey of Connection, Inspiration and Ownership 

Lovinklaan Vision

As we seek to realize Arcadis’ vision of improving the quality of lives and being recognized as the best, we at Lovinklaan believe that no resource within our company is more essential than our people. Arcadians, as we call them, are the lifeblood of our organization. They are the source of our ingenuity, our goodness, our growth and the continuity of our endeavors.

We Arcadians are at our best when we tap our individual passions and potential and when we experience our own contribution to the success of Arcadis as a path of personal growth and enjoyment. And when our individual journeys align, we become a powerful force for good. When we are inspired, connected to one another and invested in the enterprise, that is when we deliver on the promise of Arcadis and Arcadians to improve the quality of lives and create natural, social and economic value.

Lovinklaan Mission

Arcadians are at the center of all we do. As a foundation led and managed fully by employees and as the largest shareholder in Arcadis N.V., at Lovinklaan our mission is twofold: to promote the interest of Arcadians in shaping the future and continuity of the enterprise; and to help them grow and reach their full potential to the benefit of themselves and the wider organization, while enjoying this journey.

We provide opportunities and services that range from an employee shareholding program to innovation and (knowledge) exchange programs.

Our Heritage and Organization

Lovinklaan Foundation was founded in 1982 with a dual responsibility as governing body and major shareholder in the company that has become the listed entity Arcadis N.V. As an employee-led organization and the company’s largest shareholder, we represent the voice of Arcadians in the health and sustainability of the enterprise. Our Arcadian-led board is continually renewed and represents today’s generation of Arcadians. From the dividend on the shares, we fund programs that help Arcadians grow and fully reach their potential. As a foundation we help shape and support those programs and provide Arcadians access to them along their journey at Arcadis.