Blog – A culture of lifelong learning in San Francisco

01 september 2017

Quest is an international transfer program which connects Arcadians from all over the world. Quest is sponsored by the Lovinklaan Foundation. Every week we are highlighting one of the stories our employees who went on an exchange. In this blogpost we cover the Quest story of Peter Nelis who traveled from London (UK) to San Francisco (USA).

Why did I apply for a Quest

I joined EC Harris who merged with Arcadis a few years ago. I was very keen to understand how other Arcadis collegues worked towards improving quality of life. California seemed like a great place to do this. I was particularly interested in the tech clients Arcadis had there.

“Quest is a unique opportunity to learn from our fantastic colleagues!”

Highlight of my quest experience

Arcadis’ Downtown San Francisco office means you can immerse yourself in the culture of the city. My personal highlights were visiting and cycling around Google’s Mountain View campus after a sushi lunch and watching a home run fly out over the bay at the Giant’s baseball stadium.

My Quest in one word


Learnings and experiences

The culture of lifelong learning was prominent. I have always admired this quality and it is something I have tried to encourage in my team when I returned.

Think about where you’d like to go but more importantly what you want to get out of it. If you go to San Francisco bring a jacket, its not as warm as you think!

The international transfer program Quest, which connects Arcadians from all over the world, is sponsored by the Lovinklaan Foundation.