Winners Spirit Shaper application battle

Last Thursday, we kicked off Global Shapers with Generation 2016! Not only did we announce the location (we’re going to Doha, Qatar!), we also announced the most Spirited Shapers.


Let’s quickly recap: we selected 10 Spirit Shapers, one from each region. Each of them made an application that was extraordinary in content and/or format:

  • Rand Alkhatib (Middle East)
  • Gary Valenta (Australia Pacific)
  • Ashley Evans (North America)
  • Michaela Hronová (Europe)
  • Marcos Vinicius Petry de Martini (Latin America)
  • Anirban Chaudhury (NV)
  • Anna Karaoglou (UK)
  • Shradha Kinger (Asia)
  • Mabel Tan (CallisonRTKL)
  • John Philip Cabañero (GEC)


We’ve asked everyone to vote on who they believe is the most Spirited Shapers. The prize for the top 3 is a get together with our CEO Neil McArthur during the face-to-face program. Drumroll please… Congratulations to John Philip Cabañero, Anirban Chaudhury and Rand Alkhatib – you won the application battle!

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