This program is a never ending journey

It all started with a mail from the Learning & Development team, asking young professionals to apply for the 4th generation of Global shapers. As excited as a 3 year kid, I literally started fantasising about how my journey would be if I ever got selected for this program. And believe me, it doesn’t let you down even a bit – in fact, it is much more than what you expect it to be.

One of the most beautiful things about this program is that it is a never ending journey. I did not use the word “Never Ending” for poetic or storytelling effect, but because it suits the experience best that every young professionals witnesses right from the pre-application phase until the time he/she is associated with the company or for that matter even beyond that.

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to continually grow without actually changing your inner personality which you have inherited. Global Shapers and its organizing team believes the core value of putting together the best of every personality, grooming them, making them realise their potential to some extent and last and my favourite giving touch to your persona without actually changing it.
But as it is rightly said “effective communication is your gateway to success”. Starting from pre-application, where you need to communicate with former Global Shapers, to the virtual phase, where you need to work with Global Shapers from different regions with diverse background. Also the AGLF members who always have your back if needed, at your rescue for any challenges you face as an individual or team.

From a silent, minding my own business, employee to a lot more confident, inquisitive and sharing my views. I now have an understanding of the basic principal that, in order to attain maximum productivity, you need to have a much broader way of looking at things and that can only come when you get out of your comfort zone and continually strive to improve yourself as an individual and team player.

Those unexpected taps on the back, little dinner conversation, different personalities, friendly smiles, late night fun after work, plenary sessions, wow notes, high fives and never ending enthusiasm are a few of the things which keep popping in my mind even today. All it leaves is a happy smile on my face making my colleagues wonder about my mental wellbeing!
For those who were part of this journey will get exactly what I am trying to tell. For those who are aspiring to take part, I hope I succeeded in giving you a few reasons to take the application seriously.

It would be bad from my part to conclude this without appreciating the efforts of the amazing organizing team and all those directly or indirectly associated with this program.
I wish I could re-apply and create those memories again, but it is time to grow further and make way for future Global Shapers to witness this magical journey!

Dhaval Gangar, Global Shaper Generation 2015

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