I will remember the Global Shapers program for the rest of my life

Michael Hoole, January 3, 2018

An incredible experience

Global Shapers has been an incredible experience. The program based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this year, which is an incredible country. I will remember the Global Shapers program for the rest of my life. Meeting fellow Arcadians from across the world, as well as a handful of the global directors, really made for an insightful and eye-opening week.

Malaysia, a beautiful country! 

After the working phase was over, most of the Global Shapers chose to stay in the country for a few days to explore, some even stay for a few extra weeks and travelled together! I personally met with my girlfriend before flying to a small, jungle covered island off the east coast of western Malaysia. As you can see this was quite a different experience to the air conditioned, catered hotel we had working from the week before! As before mentioned Malaysia is a truly incredible country, with friendly and welcoming locals. An experience not to be missed.

How Arcadis could benefit from what have been created

Once back in our home countries, the Global Shapers started the ‘ripple effect.’ This is a way of spreading the word about the Global Shapers program and what we had achieved. But most importantly how the rest of the Arcadis employees could benefit from what had been created from this years Global Shapers. Here you can see team GB’s presentation in Arcadis House, London. We are showing off our augmented reality creation, as well as showcasing other results from the program, such as the sustainability platform ‘Spot On’ & the new Arcadis Culture….

Are you curious to learn more about the deliverables of Global Shapers 2017, get in contact with one of this year’s Global Shapers!


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