One piece of advice for the 2016 Global Shapers

01 november 2016

Global Shapers: Generation 2016 kicked off their journey in Doha, Qatar! The Global Shapers are putting a lot of effort and enthusiasm in the program, as you will see when you follow the hashtag #GSinQatar!


This years workflow coach and alumni Global Shaper Julie Nguyen wrote a piece of advice for them while traveling to Qatar:


“One piece of advice for our twenty something shapers: Create your legacy, control your destiny, find what makes you successful, and start now with Arcadis and Global Shapers. Global Shapers is more than just a young talent development program, it is an open door to create your own destiny for a company you truly believe in (which is a unique opportunity that many don’t get to experience).


I was accepted into Arcadis Global Shapers 2014 in Chicago right at the brink of my fifth year career mark and greatly value this talent program for helping me develop a stronger purpose. Having been with the company for nearly three years, I have seen first-hand how our passion to improve quality of life is one of the biggest drivers for our brand, people and clients, and want to be part of how we can take this to the next level. After two years as the first communications lead in the Middle East, I am now part of the corporate NV team implementing our first global digital media strategy and learning from top talents throughout our business.


I view this opportunity as a perfect fit with my own work experience, career goals and personal interests and will help the firm create its true legacy as I continue to create my own. Now…as I quickly wrap up my blog post on the plane (before I am asked to ‘shut my laptop and all mobile devices’), I am headed for Global Shapers for a third year to help cultivate our network of enthusiasts.


My final two cents: take your ambition forward and craft your purpose within Arcadis. Welcome to the Middle East (my home for the past seven years!).”


Julie Nguyen

Global Corporate Communications Manager, digital media team leader


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