BLOG – How Quest helps to strengthen the relationship between the Indian GEC and a local US team

13 augustus 2018

Quest is an international transfer program which connects Arcadians from all over the world. The Quest program is sponsored by the Lovinklaan Foundation. Every week we are highlighting one of the stories of our employees who went on an exchange. In this blogpost we cover the Quest story of Anusha Srihari who traveled from Bangalore, India to Baton Rouge, USA.

Why did I apply for a Quest

My name is Anusha Srihari and I am a Structural Engineer in GEC India, as part of the US Water Team. I applied for a Quest to enhance my knowledge on various technical aspects by interacting with my counterparts in Arcadis US (Baton Rouge) office. Having worked on various projects in the US region, I was looking for an opportunity to build a professional relationship with the team there.


“Maintaining a good relationship between the GEC and US team will lead to better collaboration and success.”

Highlight of my Quest experience

As a part of the US Water Team it is important to have good technical knowledge of the Codes and Standards used for designing the structures in the US region. Quest gave me an opportunity to interact with people there. This helped me a lot to get a better understanding of Codes and Standards of that region. During my Quest, I also established a good professional relationship with colleagues in the US office, which has helped GEC to collaborate with the broader US Water Team. Finally, this Quest also gave me several insights on the current work culture in the US Region.

My Quest in one word


Learnings and experiences

It was a very good learning experience to gain knowledge from colleagues who are close to the business in the region I work for. Moreover, I had the chance to showcase the capabilities of GEC India.

I would recommend my colleagues in GEC India to go on a Quest as well, to gain as much knowledge as possible and build relationships with their counterparts abroad, because it is very useful when doing business.

The international transfer program Quest, which connects Arcadians from all over the world, is sponsored by the Lovinklaan Foundation.