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My Quest Experience

Picture4Noushad Nadaf went on a Quest experience from the GEC India to Cardiff, UK.

Why did I apply for a Quest

The reason why I applied for the Quest program was to share the wider experience of GEC team with the Cardiff and Croydon office. Not only sharing experiences, but also to improving the working relationships and to understand the methodology and working culture of our UK counterparts as this is a very important topic due to the fact we are working very closely, but far away.

Picture2Highlight of my Quest experience

The highlight of my Quest was definitely the trip that, I can say for sure, was the best experience of my life. My travel to the UK offices helped me not only in developing my networks, but it had also had an helping hand to make sure to create the possibility to work on new projects and to be more found by colleagues in the near future. Knowledge- and experience sharing really helped in the team bonding part.

My Quest in one word

Great experience to meet the Cardiff and Croydon teams!

My learnings and recommendations

My learnings of this amazing Quest experience were that during my travels we developed a methodology and checklist for our ongoing and future activities. Before my visit we only shared these learnings from prior projects that we worked on. My visit has also helped me to understand the working culture of UK. Shared our experience of working for Design-Built project in past and how it differs from normal constancy jobs. I would like to implement a collaborative working culture environment in GEC-India similar to one in UK offices. I would like to recommend the Quest visits to all my colleagues with whom I was working as it is great experience.


Quest is an international transfer program which connects Arcadians from all over the world. Quest is sponsored by the Lovinklaan Foundation

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