News Update Global Share Plan: Program End Date Confirmed

Lovinklaan Foundation, the largest shareholder in Arcadis, strives to positively impact the professional development of every single Arcadis employee on a daily basis, making use of dividends received on its shares in Arcadis. The Global Share Plan (GSP), an initiative designed to encourage Arcadis employees to invest in the company, has delivered the opportunity for many Arcadians around the world to buy Arcadis shares at a discount and to participate in the growth of the company.


In keeping with the program terms and conditions, the Global Share Plan program is coming to an end on 31 December 2020. Although Lovinklaan and Arcadis deeply value the aspect of shared ownership and are proud to say the Global Share Plan positively impacted the involvement of numerous Arcadians over the past ten years, we’d like to jointly inform everyone that the GSP program will not be renewed once the 10-year program expires.

Lovinklaan believes that at this stage other programs offer better value, fit the long-term strategy, and allow us to serve an even larger number of Arcadians in a more equal and inclusive manner.

All participants have been notified and do not need to take any immediate action. We have developed a simple transition process for them in order to maintain or sell their shares and will communicate about this this closer to the December 2020 end date.

We would also like to take this opportunity to reaffirm that Lovinklaan will continue to support the other programs, including Quest, Global Shapers, Shelter, Expedition DNA, Roots of Arcadis, and a new, still-to-be-announced pilot program. As an alternative to the GSP program, Lovinklaan and Arcadis are in the process of investigating how to invest in a program that meets the program ambitions of Lovinklaan, aligns with and contributes to the Arcadis business strategy, while also benefiting all employees across Arcadis, supporting them to grow and reach their full potential personally and professionally.

In case you would like to have more information, please visit the Global Share Plan webpage or take a look at this specific Global Share Plan FAQ page.

The Arcadis Leadership and the Lovinklaan Board

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