Lovinklaan Roadshows in Australia

24 februari 2016

We are pleased to inform that Lovinklaan Foundation will visit Arcadis Australia during Roadshows on March 14th, 16th and 17th.

Lovinklaan Foundation (also simply called Lovinklaan) was founded in 1982 to provide for the continuity of Arcadis and to promote the interests of Arcadians. With a 17% equity interest in Arcadis NV, Lovinklaan is the company’s largest shareholder. The revenues of their investment are invested in the following international Arcadis knowledge exchange and innovation programs:
• Global Shapers: Global Shapers challenges young professionals to invent and develop improvements for Arcadis
• Quest: Quest is an international exchange program for Arcadians
• Shelter: Shelter is the partnership between Arcadis and UN-Habitat to improve the quality of life in rapidly growing cities around the world
• Imagine & Satellite: Imagine is an international competition challenging Arcadians to develop and implement innovations and ideas

In addition, Lovinklaan manages the Global Share Plan – a share purchase plan for Arcadians. With Lovinklaan’s support, internal synergy and collaboration among and between Arcadians is created. In addition to their existing programs, they continue to look for new opportunities to stimulate innovation, knowledge transfer and connecting employees.

To introduce these programs in more detail, the Lovinklaan Foundation Board members Tim Preger and Andries Dekker will visit the offices in Sydney, Brisbane South, Brisbane City and Melbourne. They will explain the Lovinklaan programs, their benefits and how you can participate.

The scheduled sessions are:Dates Lovinklaan Roadshow Australia 2016

Please note, Gold Coast staff will be able to dial into the Brisbane Southbank meeting, and Perth staff will be able to dial into the Melbourne meeting.

All Australian staff is invited to attend these sessions to get informed how the Lovinklaan programs can benefit you!