Become a Lovinklaan Ambassador!

You probably know the Lovinklaan Foundation offers several employee programs to contribute to the personal and professional growth of Arcadians. To increase awareness of and involvement in these programs amongst the employees of Arcadis, we invite Arcadians to collaborate. What better way to raise awareness for these initiatives than to hear from experienced program participants? That is why Lovinklaan is currently looking for ambassadors: people who like to share stories and become go-to information beacons for their co-workers.

Who can join?

Did you go on an inspiring Quest? Did you have the opportunity to go on a Shelter mission? Or did you come up with a great innovative idea for Imagine? Tell your colleagues about it! It doesn’t matter which Arcadis office you work in or which Lovinklaan employee program you participated in. Anyone who participated in one of Lovinklaan’s programs can become an ambassador. A dozen Arcadians from different regions have already shown their interest, but we are happy to welcome more contributors.

What does it entail?

We’d like to collaborate with our Ambassadors to:

  • Share content – we will provide our Ambassadors with content on a quarterly basis; you can amplify this on channels that are relevant for your market/industry/office.
  • Generate content – we invite you to share a personal vlog or co-write a shorter or longer publication. We are more than happy to share guidelines, and once you have submitted, we will edit and publish your contribution on our website and share this on the different Lovinklaan channels (quarterly newsletter, Yammer).

Curious what your contribution could look like? Read more about two ambassadors, Aaron Capelouto and Richard Warburton who recently joined our Ambassador network in this post. Or check out the longer blog article in which we highlight the stories of Kody O’Hea from Australia, who participated in Global Shapers, Quest and the Global Share Plan, and Bianca Brandizzi from Brazil, who joined Global Shapers and Shelter.

What is in it for you?

Here are some interesting benefits of becoming an ambassador for you:

  • You will always be one of the first people to receive updates on our employee programs and Lovinklaan Foundation strategies
  • It is a chance to become a visible and involved Arcadian. Lovinklaan will provide you with content that you can use for your channels on a quarterly basis, so don’t worry about having to come up with all information yourself
  • It gives you a great opportunity to expand your network within Lovinklaan and Arcadis. Your co-workers will come to you first when they have interest in participating in one of the programs
  • You will be able to partake in communication brainstorm calls twice a year with colleagues from all over the world

Are you in?

Lovinklaan is looking for enthusiastic ambassadors. Did we spark your interest, and do you want to become an ambassador yourself? Reach out to us by e-mail.

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