Shelter journey to Knowledge: Smart City Conference, Rwanda

In May, the Transform Africa Summit – a Smart City Conference – takes place in Kigali, Rwanda. In preparation of this conference, the Rwandan government and UN-Habitat are conducting a study on Smart Cities, and UN-Habitat has asked Arcadis Shelter to help prepare and conduct research beforehand. This not only entails back office support, but also two missions to Kigali. That’s why the Dutch Arcadian Charlotte van de Water has been offered the chance to go to Rwanda early 2017. The Arcadis Shelter program previously supported UN-Habitat with several missions in Rwanda.

Charlotte: “We are providing support for the development of the national Smart City masterplan of Rwanda, which is planned to be presented at the Transform Africa Summit in May of this year. Our mission in Kigali is focused on collecting data on Smart City development through a range of interviews with Ministries of the government of Rwanda. This data collected will provide an overview of how information technology can contribute to the development of Rwanda and especially to the role of urbanization in the development process. We investigate the ‘Smart City’ development opportunities in all sectors related to urban development, such as infrastructure, education, health and environment. The purpose of this approach is to ensure that the final masterplan represents an integrated view of all the different aspects Smart Cities touch upon and provides a practical approach for Rwanda.’’

To extent the benefits of this mission, and offer more employees the chance to take part, Arcadis employees are invited to participate in several workshops on different locations, to share their knowledge on information technology. These workshops connect employees to share their expertise and mutually contribute to the common goal ‘improving quality of life’, while enjoying taking part in this.

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