10 things you need to know about Lovinklaan

02 december 2019

We’re thrilled to see that lots of Arcadians know that Lovinklaan Foundation is the largest shareholder of Arcadis, led by employees, and that it offers a wide variety of exciting programs. But there are things that you didn’t all know yet! Let us surprise you by 10 facts. Did you know them already? Wow, you’re a real Lovinklaan lover!

  1. With an equity interest of over 18 percent, Lovinklaan is the largest shareholder in Arcadis.
  1. Lovinklaan welcomed a new program, called Local Sparks!
  • Together with KNHM Foundation and Arcadis, Lovinklaan Foundation has launched a new program: Local Sparks! Local Sparks connects 200+ community projects run by Arcadians around the world. Visit the Local Sparks platform to share your stories or get inspiration and information about existing and new community engagement projects within Arcadis.
  1. Lovinklaan is named after the address of the former Arcadis headquarters, then called Heijdemij 
  1. Quest, Global Shapers, GSP and Shelter are the most well-known Lovinklaan programs. Other programs sponsored by Lovinklaan are Imagine, Roots of Arcadis, Expedition DNA and Local Sparks. Check out how you can join these programs on our website! 
  1. Lovinklaans mission is twofold:
  • To promote the interest in shaping the future and continuity of the enterprise.
  • To help Arcadians grow and reach their full potential personally and professionally, while enjoying this journey.
  1. Every week, Lovinklaan posts a new blog about a Quest experience
  1. The USA, the UK and the Netherlands are most active within Lovinklaan. 
  1. 980 people went on a Quest since the program was launched in 2008. The United Kingdom is the most popular destination country. 
  1. Concluding the Lovinklaan Quiz, a large majority of Arcadians turned out to be Highly Engaged Lovinklaan Endorsers!
  • 63% of the participants scored very high on the Lovinklaan Quiz with a score of 4 good answers or more! 
  1. Want to hear more about Lovinklaan and it’s programs? We have several channels where you can get the latest news from.

Now you can call yourself a real Lovinklaan expert! Want to know even more? Keep an eye on the end-of-year communications for more fun facts about Lovinklaan and its programs!