10 oktober 2018

The Global Share Plan is an initiative from Lovinklaan Foundation. Equatex is the plan administrator for the Global Share Plan, through which all the information regarding the shares in Arcadis can be viewed. To improve services for shareholders, Equatex will be replaced by a new plan administrator which is called Global Shares.

This new system will make it easier to access information about shares and to trade shares. In addition, the new plan administrator offers a more extensive package of services, the helpdesk provides outstanding service, and the new system will be easier to use, for example because of easier access methods. Global Shares will become the plan administrator for the LTIP (Long Term Incentive Plan) as well. In case someone is also involved in LTIP, they will be able to access both the LTIP and GSP account with the same login details and manage both accounts through the same system. This will ensure better accessibility to both accounts.

Participants of the Global Share Plan have received an e-mail with more information about this migration. In the third week of October, participants will receive another e-mail with log-in credentials for their account. For more information about the migration, please click here, and check ‘About Global Shares’.

For more information about the Global Share Plan, click here.