Board Meeting wrap-up | November 2022

In November, the Board of Lovinklaan convened in India for the final Board meeting of 2022.  

Upon arrival in India, we were met with a warm welcome from local Arcadians. It was incredible to encounter such enthusiasm and engage with local employees in GEC India.  

Whilst visiting the Arcadis offices (which was breathtaking), we held a hybrid staff presentation with local Arcadians in Bangalore. We were thrilled to see over 100 Arcadians join the interactive session in-person, while an additional 180 dialed in online from home or the Mumbai and Hyderabad offices. It was a commendable turnout and enabled us to connect with local employees through an engaging two-way dialogue. We learned that the Quest and Expedition DNA are the most popular programs among our team members in India. Additionally, a lot of interest was expressed in Shelter and Roots of Arcadis, which have recently opened a chapter in India. 

We also spent some time getting to know the senior management team over dinner, where we discussed how our programs can drive professional and personal growth for all Arcadians. Our sincerest thanks to Ashish Prakash, Anu Subramaniam, Kaira Anand Srinivas, Rahul Anand, Ravishankar Suryanarayana, Sumuk Rn, Gayathri Venkatesh, Naga Sridhar, along with all the other Arcadians we met on our visit! 

Laying the groundwork for 2023 

Every Board meeting is a golden opportunity for us to interact with Arcadians on the ground. It gives us a chance to share information about Lovinklaan, gather valuable feedback on how we can improve further and understand what is most important in their day to day working environment at Arcadis. Additionally, our in-person meetings are critical for us to sit down, face-to-face as a Board, and dedicate time to discuss the foundations, priorities and strategic objectives that drive Lovinklaan.  

The final Board meeting of the year is always a high-priority one, as (1) key decisions are made for 2023 planning across our Foundation and programs; and (2) we select new Board members to take over for those whose tenure is concluded.  

Each member of the Board is representative of Arcadis’s regions and GBAs. When an Arcadian joins the Board, they can serve for up to two 3-year terms. 2022 marked the sixth and final year for the current Chair of the Board and Dutch delegate, Cecile Cluitmans. As such, the Board voted for Sophie Plantinga from Mobility Netherlands to step in as the Dutch delegate, effective January 2023. The appointment of Sophie ensures balance across the GBAs and regions on the Board. It was heartwarming to be able to spend our final Board meeting together in person with Cecile as we lay the groundwork for 2023. Stay tuned for a special announcement in December to reveal the new Chair of Lovinklaan! 

Regarding our programs – we have been gathering feedback from Arcadians and senior stakeholders over the years to help ensure our new programs are meeting the existing (and future) needs of Arcadians in an inclusive way. We’re happy to be investing a in a new program in 2023 and sustainability training for Arcadians. We will also be launching the redesigned Quest program – all of which will be rolled out in Q1 2023. We look forward to sharing an official announcement on the key elements and application process for each of these programs in the coming months. Keep an eye out for more information to come! 


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