Board update – Meet Marc Kefford the newest member of the board

27 mei 2021

The Board of Lovinklaan convened for the second time this year to discuss program developments and strategy. Due to the continuing global health crisis the Q1 meeting was again held virtually. Meet Marc Kefford – the newest member of the board. 

Marc Kefford is an Urban Development and Regeneration manager at Arcadis in Australia and GSA.   

 ‘It has certainly been a wonderful and interesting experience to join the board of Lovinklaan during the midst of a pandemic. Earlier this month, I participated in my second bi-monthly board meeting to wrap up Q1. Although I have been working with the team for a solid quarter now, I still appreciate the moments where we can discuss what is going on in our respective regions together, as it really provides an interesting ‘global’ perspective that embodies Arcadis and Lovinklaan.    

At the end of this quarter, the Lovinklaan and Arcadis Gen got together in a virtual environment to share information and insights about their respective organizations – something that ended up facilitating an excellent dialogue.  

Despite the pandemic, we have seen some incredible progress in the digital adaption of our programs, including the first ever launch of Virtual Expeditions #6 and #7, the Quick Launch Imagine Awards and City Shapers, to name a few. While we cannot yet provide any concrete information when we resume the face-to-face portion of our programs, we can say that we will continue to work together to provide the developmental resources that Arcadians deserve. The growth of our people is Lovinklaans top priority and underpins my motivation to join the board in the first place; That every Arcadian has the possibility to grab the opportunities they deserve!’