Support Shelter during COVID-19

Through the Shelter program, Arcadis consultants and engineers have been providing pro bono technical support in collaboration with UN-Habitat for over 10 years now120 missions in Asia, Africa and South and Middle America already gave numerous Arcadians the opportunity to put their knowledge and skills to practice to help vulnerable communities in developing countries.

In response to the global health crisis caused by the corona virus, UN-Habitat asked the Shelter program to support in initiatives to help communities in these challenging times, and you can also join!

Several initiatives have been set up:

  • Rapid Response Help Desk, and recommendations for slums and informal settlements
    UN-Habitat staff and UN-Habitat partners will be able to get instant, rapid technical advice on COVID-19 related issues in the areas of water, buildings and mobility.
  • Conversion of hotels and other buildings to medical facilities
    A team with a variety of expertise helps to decide how buildings, especially in the hospitality industry, can be converted to medical facilities. A checklist is available and remote support can be provided to guide the process
  • Health resilient cities
    The COVID-19 proves that cities should be planned and managed taken health resiliency and pandemics into account. A diverse team of experts is collecting information drafting a first set of recommendations and guidelines for health resilient cities.
  • Shelter Academy alumni network
    In nine Shelter Academies over 80 directors of municipal planning offices and mayors of cities in relation with UN-Habitat participated in a knowledge transfer program on resilient cities. Shelter activated the network to share experience and help with urban questions related to COVID-19, and will organize webinars with the alumni.

Want to support and join one of these initiatives?
We would love to get you onboard! Please register by contacting Greg Trickey, and put in CC.

“We thank the Lovinklaan Foundation for the financial support which makes the Shelter program possible!” – Bert Smolders, Shelter program manager UN-Habitat Arcadis partnership.

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