And the winners of the IMAGINE AWARDS 2019 are…

The IMAGINE Awards winners were announced on 30 September 2019, during Global Shapers 2019 face to face event in Birmingham, UK. The winning ideas and innovative teams behind them were celebrated by Peter Oosterveer (CEO Arcadis), Cecile Cluitmans (Board member Lovinklaan) Arcadis ELT members and all Global Shapers 2019. The winners will be provided mentoring and guidance by the Global Solutions leaders to elevate their ideas to the next level and help shape client market value propositions.

The 2019 winners are…

The three award-winning teams and ideas are:

Arcadis AIR for Rail Assets Rail & Urban Transport

By: Roland Dijkhuizen, Gordon Strout

The idea: By leveraging existing cameras mounted on the front of the CSX trains, all assets like signals can be classified and located automatically along the 34.000 km rail track. This can be combined with LiDAR and will be self-learning, transforming every train into an inspection vehicle. This tool allows for Arcadis to implement large cost and time savings and deal with regulations simultaneously.

Capital Planning Tool – Asset Management

By: Chris Heltzel, Sara Ferrara

The idea: Capital Planning Tools were developed and enhanced to reduce the time needed to capture accurate asset information and produce data driven defensible capital improvement plans. The market for such tools is increasing and Arcadis can position itself as a best in class consultant by providing these services.

GIS Vulnerability Tool – Environmental Restoration

By: Joe Quinnan, Matt Blower

The idea: This tool maps publicly available data and provides analytics that enable clients to understand environmental context, like the proximity to other sources and sensitive receptors. The tool then ranks and prioritizes site actions to meet business and environmental stewardship objectives. For Arcadis, this means an improved advisory relationship with our clients can be established.

Note from the Jury

Three award-winning ideas have been selected by a VIP jury consisting of several members of Arcadis leadership located throughout the world. The jury was impressed with the level of innovation, originality and quality of the ideas submitted. This year, over 50 teams, with different expertise and from all regions, submitted competitive and innovative ideas. The three award-winning teams consist of Arcadians who work for different service lines within Arcadis. We are pleased to see how the winning ideas of the teams contribute to three aspects of the Arcadis long-term strategy, including focus on People & Culture, driving Innovation & Growth and Focus & Performance.

Peter Oosterveer:Arcadis is a forward-looking, people-centered company. Initiatives, such as IMAGINE, provide our employees with a platform to show their innovative capabilities. We are a company that continuously strives to progress and get better, a journey that we, the Arcadians, navigate. All participants, but specifically the three winning teams, have proven their ability to stay ahead of the curve through focusing on innovation, as individual as well as company.

Cécile Cluitmans: “As a major shareholder of Arcadis, we feel the responsibility to drive innovation throughout all levels of the organization. Programs like IMAGINE allow the talented Arcadians to conceive of pioneering solutions to everyday problems and challenges. We’re once again impressed by the talent this company possesses.

Congratulations to all three award-winning ideas of IMAGINE 2019 on their great achievements!

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