Satellite – a platform for innovation and growth

27 maart 2017

Innovation is an important growth enabler. Our Innovation program, Satellite, enables you to be your best and realize your potential. Think creativity, innovation and opportunity, they all come together within this program.

Satellite enables continuous innovation, and supports a culture of innovation within Arcadis, and you can easily contribute.

It’s simple and easy: if you have an idea – whether a simple or low-key idea of improving a way of working within Arcadis, or an innovation related to our clients or our Digital strategy – you can submit this idea to Satellite. Your idea can be in the early stages and we support you to develop your thinking.
Team submissions are welcomed, and don’t forget, you can ask your colleagues to support your idea!

A celebration of success of the top three innovations received takes place every year via our Innovation Awards: Imagine.

‘’Through a combination of knowledge, expertise and a creative approach to problem solving, Arcadians deliver cutting-edge solutions to their clients every day’’

At times we organise innovation challenges for specific areas, such as digital – the Digital Growth Challenge launched in 2016 to support one of Arcadis’ strategic growth pillars: digitization. Think of applications in the field of Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Smart Transportation, BIM. Inspired? Have a look!

A panel of representatives from across Arcadis review all ideas and via the Lovinklaan fund, ideas are invested in on a monthly basis: essentially this is an investment in you, to progress your brilliant idea.

Last year, Menno van Veen and Axel van Zalingen were one of the lucky three Imagine finalist teams to receive 25.000 euro for their idea ‘’Computer Generated Design; connecting Systems Engineering and Parametric Design using Business Information Modeling’’: when Arcadians are able to explicitly connect requirements and functionality, using Systems Engineering (SE) with parametric design, they will then be able to make their designs fully computer generated.

Interested? Grap the opportunity to be creative and excel, be your best, improve client focus, be proud of your idea, and share your ideas via Satellite!