The Global Share Plan (GSP), an initiative designed to encourage Arcadis employees to invest in the company, has delivered the opportunity for many Arcadians around the world to buy Arcadis shares at a discount and to participate in the growth of the company. In keeping with the program terms and conditions, the Global Share Plan program is coming to an end on 31 December 2020. Although Lovinklaan and Arcadis deeply value the aspect of shared ownership and are proud to say the Global Share Plan positively impacted the involvement of numerous Arcadians over the past ten years, we’d like to jointly inform everyone that the GSP program will not be renewed once the 10-year program expires.



From what date will the GSP program end?

  • In keeping with the original program terms and conditions, this program is coming to an end on 31 December 2020, and will not be renewed.

What were the determining factors not to extend the Global Share Plan (GSP)?

  • It is a joint decision between Arcadis and Lovinklaan Foundation to let the GSP come to its pre-agreed end in December 2020.
  • Although GSP has been successful, it is not being renewed because we believe that other employee programs offer better value for money and allow us to serve more Arcadians in a more equal and inclusive manner.
  • In particular, the plan does not fully adhere to Lovinklaan’s values of diversity and inclusion as it favors higher earners and is not available in all countries (due to variation in country laws and taxes, among other reasons). As we have run into more and more complicated regulations over time, we started to realize that we cannot roll out the share plan across the world and share its benefits to all as we intended.
  • Other factors which led to this decision include the declining participation rate in the program and our expectation that this rate will decline further over time due to changing demographics in the workforce.
Participant information

What are the implications for participants to not extend the GSP program?

  • There are no immediate implications for participating Arcadians until the program expires on 31 December 2020. After this date participants will not be forced to sell their shares, however the Lovinklaan Foundation won’t enable them to buy additional shares at a discounted rate.

Do participants need to take action themselves?

  • Participants do not need to take any action immediately.
  • Participants won’t be forced to sell their shares, it is simply that no further shares will be granted after this point.
  • GSP participants who are still participants at the end of 2020 can continue holding Arcadis shares they own, as well as buying Arcadis shares without the GSP discount / terms and conditions. It will be possible to easily open a personal account in Global Shares to continue holding the Arcadis shares with Global Shares.
  • Alternatively, GSP participants will be able to transfer the shares to a personal brokerage account, or decide to sell their shares, but there is no requirement to do so.

Till when can participants continue to buy shares against a discounted rate?

  • You can continue to buy shares until the end of 31 December 2020. However, please keep in mind that your shares are “blocked” (called unactionable) for one year after your purchase. This means you will have to wait until the end of December 2021 until your most recently purchased shares will become actionable.

Is it possible to leave the Global Share Plan before the end date?

  • You can leave the GSP four times a year during an open period (1 – 23 of March, June, September and December). During an open period, login to your account and select the task “Discontinuation” of the GSP program and choose to update. Confirm your discontinuation and submit. Your participation ends in the month following the open period.
  • However, you will have to wait for a period of a year after your last transaction until your most recently bought “blocked shares” become “actionable shares”.
  • At that moment you can no longer keep your shares on the GSP account and you will have to sell or transfer your shares to a private brokerage account.

Can employees still sign up and join the Global Share Plan?

  • Only Arcadis employees in the 12 participating countries can join the GSP program (2010-2020).
  • You can pre-enroll four times a year, at designated times in March, June, September and December (the open periods). In general, new employees can participate immediately.
  • You can request an account via the Lovinklaan website ( by filling out the online enrollment form. After you have submitted the form, Global Shares will send you an activation link for EquityGateway to set up your account and inform you about steps to take to complete your registration.
  • Note: if you decide to join, this decision is irrevocable and cannot be cancelled or amended for a period of six months, which means that you cannot leave the GSP within six months after your enrollment.
Lovinklaan Foundation Strategy

Is this decision in line with Lovinklaan Foundations its strategy?

  • Lovinklaan has the ambition to positively impact the professional development of every single Arcadis employee, making use of dividends received on its shares in Arcadis. Therefore, we design programs that benefit Arcadians.
  • In terms of funding programs, we make strategic choices that meet the ambitions and goals for the coming years within the available budget, while also looking to align with and contribute to the Arcadis business strategy.
  • In our long-term strategy, we underline we want to provide a large number of Arcadians a journey of connection, inspiration and ownership. And most important for the Foundation are the principles of Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR),
    Integrity, and Diversity & Inclusion.
  • Although GSP has been successful, it is not being renewed because other employee programs offer better value for money and allow us to serve more Arcadians in a more equal and inclusive manner. It has proven difficult to offer GSP in a way that allows Arcadians to participate fairly and equally between different countries.

In which programs will Lovinklaan Foundation continue to invest in?

  • The board will continue to consider initiatives that contribute to the Arcadis strategy and meet Lovinklaan’s mission to help Arcadians grow and reach their full potential personally and professionally, while enjoying this journey.
  • The Lovinklaan Foundation has the intention to continue to support the following programs moving forward: Quest, Global Shapers, Shelter, Expedition DNA, Roots of Arcadis, and a new, still-to-be-announced pilot program.

How will Lovinklaan allocate the money that was supposed to be invested in the GSP?

  • As an alternative to the GSP program, Lovinklaan and Arcadis are in the process of investigating how to invest in a program that meets our program ambitions, while also benefiting all employees across Arcadis. Further updates on this will follow.

What does the discontinuation of the GSP mean in regards to Lovinklaan’s role as the largest shareholder in Arcadis?

  • Lovinklaan’s role as largest shareholder in Arcadis does not change. Lovinklaan remains the largest shareholder. Lovinklaan used to continuously purchase new shares  to offer those to the GSP participants, and will stop doing this as this is not necessary anymore.

Lovinklaan will send regular updates about the GSP end date to provide you with all the information you need.
Should you have any further questions that are not incorporated in this FAQ, please do not hesitate to contact