Road to Engagement

28 janvier 2016

RTEEach generation of Global Shapers creates new generation tools to improve Arcadis. One of the tools developed by Generation 2015 is The Road to Engagement; a dialogue board game that boosts the conversation about Our Passion, Client Focus, The Arcadis Way, Leadership and Collaboration. Through challenging and fun questions participants of the game get to the core of the topics that are important to Arcadians.

The board game
The road to engagement dialogue board game is a perfect way to break the ice between new team members, learn from your colleagues or to get inspired by colleagues and (senior) leaders. It is a great activity to embed in your team building activities, project start-ups or to use during reflection moments.

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The Ripple Effect of the game
Recently the game has been introduced at Arcadis NV during a lunch meeting; over 25 colleagues were engaging during their lunch break. Senior leaders, Global Shapers and even people on their first day were talking about the Arcadis Way and meaningful leadership within minutes. The Road to Engagement helps to break barriers and skips the small talk to get right into a meaningful dialogue.

In the meantime on social media pictures have been shared of the board game being played during Imagineers, a European Young professional program and from offices all over the world.



The board game has been sent out to all Arcadis offices with an AGLF member present; in case you want a copy for your office or to use during a certain program, please get in touch with

Don’t forget to share your pictures of playing the game on social media by using the hashtags #Roadtoengagement and #ArcadisGS