Blog – Enhancing the Arcadis Inter-region collaboration

27 janvier 2017

My Quest Experience

Orlando Guzman went on a Quest experience from Santiago, Chile to Amersfoort, the Netherlands.

DSCN7754Why did I apply for a Quest

As Arcadis in Chile, we have prepared proposals with the participation of other Arcadis regions, but most of the times striving to find the right contacts and optimal information. So I saw an opportunity in order to expand our networking for enhancing the Arcadis Inter-region collaboration that can add important value to our tenders for being more competitive, taking advantage of our condition as a Global company.

Highlight of my Quest experience

The highlight of my Quest experience was the lunch lecture I presented to the Dutch team. It was about Searching Opportunities for Arcadis Inter-regions Collaboration. After this presentation we discussed the experience we can share in order to have a win-win relationship that will add an important value to our proposals and projects. The reactions after this presentation were very positive.

Picture3My Quest in one word


My learnings and recommendations

The learnings I definitely take home is that the daily work problems we face are similar. It just doesn’t matter if you are in Chile or the Netherlands, it’s all the same in this global organization. A second thing I tak home is doing a well thought about the Go/NoGo process. Finally being flexible and fitting the client requirements are essential to improve the tenders hit rate.

Picture2As a recommendation I would say that it is very important to prepare your Quest agenda with enough time in between. Also setting your clear (personal) goals you want to achieve during the Quest. Finally I would say that you have to try to meet as many as people as possible during your visit, it’s definitely worth it! ENJOY:)!

Quest is an international transfer program which connects Arcadians from all over the world. Quest is sponsored by the Lovinklaan Foundation