Kevin Rowe Almoro, January 17, 2018

“Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them, so go out and start creating.”

Being part of a program that challenges and drives you to be better at your craft is professionally and personally rewarding. You are given the chance to immerse yourself in unique experiences through meeting people of diverse belief system and working collectively towards a common goal. Through Global Shapers, I learned how to utilize my skills and potentials, as well as my professional and personal experiences, in order to effectively contribute to achieving the program’s goals. Here’s how this program positively shaped me.

Rediscovery of my worth. There were times at work when I felt insignificant. There were moments when I felt uncertain about work opportunities and professional growth in the company. But getting into this program helped me rediscover my worth. I realized that I have the skills and talents that if harnessed, can help me attain my goals. I discovered my ability to handle huge tasks and deliverables responsibly.

I remember how my H&S buddy Thomas De Groot described this circumstance during our face-to-face program. According to him, no matter how small or big your role is, you have to get rolling to get the others moving. My experience under Global Shapers helped me regain the feeling that I am valuable and that I am capable of creating opportunities for myself.

A boost of confidence. I’m an extrovert but I seldom speak up during team discussions. I content myself to listening to my colleagues’ battling ideas. But Global Shapers taught me that in a competitive professional world, you have to be quick and creative in building the best idea possible, and elaborate and confident in delivering them. I learned that my thoughts have to be heard, and that I am the voice of my own mind therefore I should be more confident in voicing out my ideas.

Earned the trust of our Senior leaders. Part of the #rippleeffect campaign is our awareness on the concerns of our Company’s Senior leaders. Whenever concerns over new company developments and strategies would arise, the leaders would happily seek the help of global shapers. Therefore, being officially a part of the program that assists them, it allowed us to earn their trust that we can deliver and bring out the best ideas beneficial to the company. Personally, I am grateful whenever I’m being asked to share my thoughts because I feel the company trusts and values my opinions.

Made not just a network of fellow Arcadians, but a family. More than the deliverables and the professional goals, I am proud of the friendship fostered through this program. We may have come from different countries working on different regions, but the bond we’ve created would remain the same.

Grateful to be shaped and I’m ready to keep on rippling!

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