‘Creating an impact’

06 décembre 2017

Hoi Ying Grace Lam – December 6, 2017

How many companies would offer 100 young employees each year a chance to work and have fun together at a foreign place? It’s really rare. I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to become one of the Global Shapers Generation 2017of Arcadis! Though the face-to-face program has ended a month ago, the energy and memories are still vivid when thinking back.

Global Shapers program has given me the chance to drive the development of the global operation of Arcadis. Before joining the program, my daily work was conducting green building assessment for the local projects in Hong Kong. I was extremely excited when this year’s theme was released –sustainability4impact – digital solution to improve quality of life because it’s closely related to my work and academic background. Joining the workflow — sustainability platform during face-to-fac e program, I was able to work for the launch of an online platform, named “Spot-on”, which let Arcadian to share the sustainability tools ava ilable within Arcadis. Thanks to the support and guidance from the workflow’s sponsors, Joost Slooten and Verali Von Meijenfeldt, we successfully developed various strategies and promotion materials to advocate “Spot-on” across different timeframes. The working process was fun and challenging especially when Joost posed us some questions about considering the user experience of the platform and the next step after completing each small task. It gives great sense of achievement when you know the work is going to create value for offices across continents.

Spreading the energy: a ripple effect in Asia 

Going back to the local office after Face-to-face program, the spirits still go on! We’re still keeping in touch through Skype, WhatsApp and Yammer and collaborating to create ripple effect. Meanwhile, in Asia, we presented our outcomes and memorable experience to the Asia Leadership Team (ALT) and Global Shapers alumni. The ALT further challenged us to work with Asia ‘sponsors’ to bring the spirit back to our work place under four ‘workflows’. I will be helping the sustainability workflow to create sustainability community in Asia and facilitate the adoption of “Spot-on”. It’s exciting to see what further influences Global Shapers are creating.  Global Shapers have created a passionate and collaborative work culture. The Global Shapers energy is extremely motivating and I enjoyed making connection with a lot of inspiring people. Big thanks to everyone in making Global Shapers happened. It is an once-in-a-lifetime experience which every young professional gains a lot from it.

The Global Shapers from Asia also created an after movie of this year’s program, you can watch it here!