2 Worlds Collide

30 juin 2015

The most interesting part of my quest to Bangalore is the difference in the outside and the inside.  Every place is outside is busy, filthy, and unwelcoming.  But it can’t be further from the opposite inside the office here.  The office is meticulously clean, and although it is full and everyone is busy, it is a quiet hum of collaboration rather than the chaos of outside.  And the team has been very welcoming.  Ashish has been a great host.  We have had time discuss many things on my list of objectives, but he has also taken time to introduce me to as many people as possible.   The kitchen staff bring me coffee and water to my desk without me even having to ask.  And they also have food catered for lunch every day, and yesterday’s curry dal was fantastic. I cannot wait to see what today brings.rmz titanuimBangalore trafficInside the OfficeThick CoffeeFood LineCurry for lunch