Second Spirit Shaper of Generation 2016

Spirit Shaper 2_Gary
As we all are anxiously waiting for June 30, some future Global Shapers will find out a bit sooner! We selected 10 Spirit Shapers, one from each region. A Spirit Shaper made an application that was extraordinary in format and/or content.

Last week, we announced our first Spirit Shaper. Rand could not be happier!

Schermafbeelding 2016-06-20 om 09.41.30

So, who will follow Rand? We’re happy to announce our second Spirit Shaper: congratulations Gary Valenta from Australia! Curious to see how his local office surprised him? Click here.

Welcome to Global Shapers Generation 2016, Gary! Your application was original with a personal touch. Don’t forget to bring that enthusiasm to the program!

Stay tuned, 8 more Spirit Shapers to go.

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