‘To participate on Global Shapers 2012 was a wonderful, unforgettable experience!”

05 mai 2017

Blog GS – Claudia Vieira GS 2012 – Brazil

Hi All!

My mane is Claudia Vieira and I work for Arcadis Brazil. I was part of the first Generation Global Shapers in 2012. I would like to share some of my experience, learnings and tips for all Global Shapers to be! From the moment that I received the selection e-mail, a lot of special moments followed. It was an incredible experience.

Participating in the program helped developed my ability to communicate and connect with other Arcadias in the world. During the program I met 99 other young professionals. I also got the chance to meet some people of the Board, as well CEO’s from some European countries and other “seniors” from Arcadis. We had to opportunity to have conversations about our organization and the implementation of projects worldwide.

Along the way it might be at least once, that you have difficulties to understand what is asked from you to be a Global Shaper. Therefore I’m here to safe you – just joking ;-). However, based on my personal experience I can give you some tips that might help you being a Global Shaper:

  • Open your mind – you need accept new ideas to new experience.
  • Don’t be afraid – do what you want to do, everyone will understand you.
  • Follow the Social Media channels – Twitter, Facebook, Yammer and Instagram always give you more tips! Stay connected on a daily base! This is very helpful; you get to know the others participants and learn more about the program in general. Communications from Organizing Team come from Yammer! Do not forget this one!
  • Ask the community! If you want to know something or something is unclear, ask online! There is always someone from the community that will answer you.
  • Connect – this is the unique opportunity to meet more 99 young professionals and this can open you many opportunities.
  • Keep in touch – This is a big opportunity of collaboration between OpCo’s and regions. One day you will need someone or there is someone who you can support!

I believe that when you participate in a program of expansion, you can really get a vision of what it is like to work in a respected multinational around the world. We have a great challenge of providing excellence to our market and through GS I have realized that this is possible. With connecting all the skills from different cultures we will always be able to offer the best!

For me, to participate on Global Shapers 2012 was a wonderful, unforgettable experience! Why? Discovery yourself! Apply this year and enjoy this adventure!

-Claudia Vieira GS 2012