Selected for GS2015: Katrijn Dirix

The last applicant to be nominated for the Application Battle is… Katrijn Dirix (ARCADIS Continental Europe)! Katrijn, welcome to Global Shapers: Generation 2015!

Katrijn submitted a visual, she created a comic! Please find here application here:

If you browser doesn’t support the file above click here

Katrijn about her application:

“I felt that the best way to reach out to coworkers all over the world with a communication update would be to share a personal message. And while thinking about what this message should be, I realized that I was actually being inspired at that very moment by going through the Global Shapers application process, by reading about former Global Shapers’ stories, and by seeing everyone’s enthusiast updates. That’s why I decided that I wanted my message to be the message of courage, creativity and collaboration that is passed throughout the Global Shapers community right now. As a format, I used a one pager in comic book style because I strongly believe in the power of visualization to transfer a message (and also because a first attempt in making a movie failed terribly).”

Katrijn Dirix, Global Shaper 2015, ARCADIS Continental Europe

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