Facts & figures Global Shapers: Generation 2016

As Generation 2016 can’t stop the feeling, we received their feedback and collected the results of an amazing week in Qatar. Have a look below or click here to view the full (clickable) facts & figures infographic of Global Shapers: Generation 2016!



schermafbeelding-2016-11-17-om-09-41-24 schermafbeelding-2016-11-17-om-09-41-33


What were some of the highlights?

“The successful way of working together with our client Ashghal. The idea of engaging the client by bringing three Global Shapers from them is absolutely brilliant.” – Global Shaper 2016

“The highlight was being able to work and talk with so many different types of people. So it wasn’t just one event that was the highlight, but all of the different moments of comversation throughout.” – Global Shaper 2016

“My highlight is not one particular moment, but all the little moments in which people would ask each other what they were doing, how it’s going, and complimenting each other’s work, I felt that all I did was so rewarding, I have never felt more inspired my intire life!” – Global Shaper 2016


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