A is for Arcadis

Arcadis is the leading global Design & Consultancy firm for natural and built assets, but it goes far beyond that. We asked our Global Shapers to reflect on the Arcadis experience – here is what they had to say.

Who is your rolemodel?


Jerome Roberts:

“Edel Christie. I’ve worked with her for the HSBC accounts. She is an inspirational leader, and I’m proud to work with her.”


Emrys Xie:

“Eric Lagerberg. He inspires me to keep working to change the quality of our daily lives.”


Willem Hoes:

“Henri Verploegh because he is very passionate about his work in Business Advisory, and about engaging with younger generations and inspiring them”

What three words would you use to describe Arcadis to someone outside the company?

dionDion Damon:

“Global, innovative, caring”

KariKari Bishop:

“Excitement, global, passionate”

willemWillem Hoes:

“Flexible, quality, knowledge”

What have you been most proud of since joining Arcadis?

BeccaBecca Harlow:

“I think just coming in here as a Global Shaper and getting involved.”

KariKari Bishop:

“I worked on a roadways project to branch out into new districts in Florida. We won the bid and my team gained a lot of recognition from the leadership team.”

dionDion Damon:

“Working with Glenn Barton on iconic structures such as Jewel on the Gold Coast.”

Neil McArthur most values openness, honesty and trust. What are your core values?

KyleKyle Warren:

Honesty, faithfulness, integrity


JacqJacquline Huan Chie Sze:



Dion Damon:

Loyalty, reliability, honesty


Will you still be with Arcadis in the next ten years?


jeromeJerome Roberts:

“Way longer than ten years.”

EmrysEmrys Xie:

“Yes, there are a lot of opportunities and challenges.”

dionDion Damon:

“Yes, as long as there are continuous challenges and opportunities. Hopefully, working in a different region as well.”

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