Blog – Differences in cost & commercial consulting between London and Shanghai

21 octobre 2016

My Quest Experience

Lorie Li went on a Quest experience from Shanghai, China to The UK.

Why did I apply for a Quest

This program gave me an open-minded view of Cost Management as well as improving my professional knowledge. It also helped me to understand what the same role includes on the other side of the world. Finally London is a place with fabulous buildings and mature system of Quantity Survey.

Highlight of my Quest experience

I shared my project experiences with colleagues in the London office. Besides this I talked about “Shipping building materials from China to London” as this might change due to the Brexit situation. Finally I have had the chance visit some of the site visits of the nearly completed private residential project. This was definitely one of my highlights.

My Quest in one word

Beyond expectation

Learnings and experiences I will apply to my day to day work

Although we don’t have many residential projects in Shanghai, I have still learned a lot from team in London. Both of us are really focused on the cost & commercial consulting in our roles. In China we pay more attention on the tendering-assessment while, as far as I was able to see, that in London they pay more attention on the pre-tender process. Also, schedules in China are much tighter than the UK (Europe). I think both ways are good, it just depends on what the client wants.

Quest is sponsored by the Lovinklaan Foundation. Learn more about the Quest program: world. Quest is sponsored by the Lovinklaan Foundation