Impact Story – Sarper Kaleli

20 July 2023

An Arcadian for almost eight years now, Sarper Kaleli’s journey began in Istanbul, Turkey. He is now based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. As a Senior Project Leader, he is contributing his expertise to a project at Schiphol Airport. 

In this Impact Story, Sarper shares with us how the Lovinklaan-sponsored programs, particularly Quest, helped shape his career when he first came across it in early February 2017.  Sarper delves into his experience with our Quest program and reveals the profound impact it had on his growth – professional and personal. 

Introduction to Lovinklaan Programs  

Sarper found Quest to be a standout program among the initiatives offered by Lovinklaan when he was introduced to it by his manager at the time. This international transfer program, proudly sponsored by the Lovinklaan Foundation, offers a unique opportunity for Arcadians around the world to expand their network, deepen their knowledge, and contribute to Arcadis’ ambitions by enabling them to be Hosts and Questees.  

Once accepted as a Questee for the program, Sarper says he had the privilege of communicating with an exceptional Host in the Netherlands to plan a Quest based on his expectations. A tailor-made programme was then designed to enhance his abilities and competencies relating to efficiently managing and executing day-to-day activities within the organization.  

Sarper attributes his continued growth and advancement at Arcadis to the transformative impact of Lovinklaan programs. “The Quest program not only sharpened my operational and project management skills but also helped me realize my potential and develop my career in a more efficient and collaborative way,” he says.  

Sarper’s Quest Journey 

After successfully completing the Quest program in the Netherlands, Sarper returned to his previous role as an Operations Manager at Arcadis Turkey, where he actively participated in various bids, some of which resulted in great growth for the business, with the projects then being delivered through effective collaboration. 

He believes the Quest program allowed him to network with like-minded professionals. Sarper explains, “Engaging with colleagues during the program advanced open and meaningful conversations. A collaborative work environment also offered me the support and expertise when needed.  

This experience has been an essential part of my career journey, as well as the main aspect of my professional growth. Following the completion of my Quest in 2017, I transitioned into the role of Senior Project Leader in 2021 in the Netherlands, where I am currently a Project Manager and member of a large team working at the Schiphol Airport.” 

Moreover, in his new role at Schiphol, Sarper found the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues with whom he had engaged during the Quest program. 

Impact beyond boundaries  

Sarper says the Quest program also had a positive impact on his social life within the workplace. The newfound sense of inclusivity and enjoyment made for a more pleasant working environment.  

Lessons learned from such programs can develop your way of understanding, ensure personal development, and facilitate collaboration among business lines and regions.” 

He further explains interacting with Arcadians from different regions has always required some certain adaptation to suit different cultural contexts. Nevertheless, he firmly believes, “Arcadians are aware of tailoring their approach to fit various cultural expectations, local norms, and standards,” which is a crucial factor in successfully completing the Quest program alongside other Questees. 

The Importance of the Lovinklaan Adventure 

Sarper highly recommends that Arcadians participate in the various programs Lovinklaan offers. “I believe the Lovinklaan programs have a significant impact throughout Arcadis, creating a proactive community and dynamics which value learning, growth, and knowledge.” 

Furthermore, the programs actively encourage collaboration and networking among employees, he says. “They serve as a platform for individuals from various departments, branches, and regions to come together and collaborate on shared initiatives. As a result, collaborations become more frequent, promoting innovation, sharing of best practices, and the development of integrated solutions. This spirit strengthens the overall Arcadis community.”