“My favorite part of Arcadis is its commitment to improving quality of life”

Jacob Hunter , Wednesday February 13

Who is Jacob Hunter?

Hi! I’m Jacob and I am a Management Consultant in the Information Driven Performance practice. My primary responsibility is to configure Environmental Management Information Systems to support and improve environment, health, and safety business processes all over the world.

Working hard in the Chicago Office #funoffice – Photo Credit Leah Foertsch

My favorite project(s)

My favorite project so far was with a large food and beverage company, where I built entry-forms unique to its 300 world-wide manufacturing sites. The purpose was to create global visibility of environmental compliance standards and benchmark incoming and waste water volumes. My team worked hard to deliver quality work for the client that will be sustainable long after the project’s conclusion. The next phase of this project was to integrate water data into a sustainability information application. I enjoy this work because it involves collaboration with Arcadians from other locations to deliver solutions for our client.

Additionally, I supported other projects with this client to implement a three-click user interface and translate the software into French, Spanish, and Portuguese for its global user base. It was challenging to configure to the client’s strict requirements but I gained expertise that I can utilize on future projects with Arcadis. I always appreciate how everyone is happy to help me build my technical skills and develop as a consultant.

My Arcadis experience

Since joining the Chicago office, Arcadis has provided me with many opportunities for engagement such as volunteering with my coworkers at the Greater Chicago Food Depository and after work events with Arcadians in different business units from around the globe. These events are exciting ways to expand my awareness of Arcadis’ operations and help me create a network I can rely on in the company. My favorite part of Arcadis is its commitment to improving quality of life, which makes me happy to come to work every day. Arcadis has been a great new home for me, and I look forward to its opportunities!

Volunteering with my coworkers at the Greater Chicago Food Depository on Star Wars Night #funoffice

Outside of work I love to travel, here I am in Israel


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