Our Time With Lovinklaan – Todd Bechtel & Holly Herner

After six years serving on the Board of Lovinklaan, it is with mixed emotions that our time has come to an end. It has been an honor to have had the opportunity to work on some truly wonderful projects and programs over the years as we strive towards providing Arcadians with the chance to further develop themselves. Lovinklaan aims to connect, inspire, and invest in Arcadians, and we are confident that the Board of Lovinklaan will continue to work towards this mission for many years to come.

Traveling to places we’ve never been and meeting with colleagues and leaders from diverse backgrounds and cultures has really impacted us both personally and professionally. As a result, we’ve gained a more holistic understanding of the companies’ strengths, weaknesses, and the needs of Arcadians.  Having gained invaluable input from all over the world made it easier to develop and deliver Lovinklaan programs that provide meaningful and impactful opportunities for Arcadians across all regions and functions. The chance to do something so completely different from your day-to-day job was an extremely enriching experience that we would not have wanted to miss. The opportunities to travel with colleagues from the Board are the experiences of a lifetime: from riding a camel in the desert on the outskirts of Dubai to hiking on the Great Wall of China and snorkeling in Southeast Asia.

‘’Being in contact with colleagues all over the world, made me realize even more that we are all humans with our own families, friends, goals, and challenges.” – Todd

One of the main takeaways of our time on the Board is that there is nothing like the Lovinklaan Foundation: an organization that serves as the major shareholder of a publicly listed company, led completely by seven employees from various regions and functions. While we are all part of one company, each person brings their own unique experiences, contributions, and perspectives.

“Understanding the hopes and desires of my colleagues globally impacted how I worked to deliver Lovinklaan programs that provide career and personal development that people need.  Personally, I feel l now have colleagues I call friends all over the world.” – Holly

In the last few years, the Board has developed and redesigned several programs including Quest, Imagine, Roots of Arcadis, Expedition DNA and most recently, Local Sparks. In addition to these programs, the Foundation’s visibility has improved considerably, which is a direct result of better relationships with our stakeholders. The partnership between the Lovinklaan Foundation and the Leadership of Arcadis has improved tremendously. This has resulted in a more professionalized board contributing to well-organized programs that positively impact Arcadis colleagues globally.

As we approach our final weeks on the Board, we’d like to remind future Lovinklaan Board members to consciously enjoy their time on the Board – as it does fly by. Aside from getting to know your fellow Board members (who will inevitably turn into friends), it is critical to become well versed on the mission of the Lovinklaan Foundation, and most important: be an ambassador and spread the word!

We look forward to seeing how the selected new board members will bring their own vision and impact and take Lovinklaan to the next level in the following years!


Todd Bechtel & Holly Herner

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