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Global Shapers- Emma Phillips
As one third of Australia’s small marketing team, I was tasked with promoting the Global Shapers program to the Australian region. Considering we were still quite new to Arcadis following the co creation with Hyder Consulting, I read as much as I could about the program to be able to discuss it my colleagues and promote it on our intranet encouraging my colleagues to apply. Upon further reflection, I realised I wanted to be part of the program myself and thought, why can’t I apply?

This is one of the best attributes of the program in my opinion, the fact that anyone can apply. Not limited to technical staff, anyone from Arcadis regardless of their function is encouraged to participate. We can all add value in our own way, whether we are Marketing/HR professionals, a team secretary or an accountant! I was worried in a room full of engineers, I wouldn’t add much value with my set of skills. I couldn’t have been more wrong.
Even though my time with Generation 2015 is over, I still smile at the thought of my experience with my fellow Global Shapers. Despite meeting with people from around the world, I was also excited to spend time with my fellow Aussie Global Shapers whom I interact with on a weekly basis despite being located in three different offices. We were so excited to be the first group from Australia to experience the whirlwind program, regardless of the fact that we spent a full 24 hours getting there!!

So what did I learn, and what will I tell the next group wanting to apply?

Global Shapers- Emma Phillips 2

Working with a group of 100 intelligent, ambitious and diverse individuals is both inspiring yet also challenging. We all want to add value in any way we can, although some do this differently to others, some are quietly brilliant and others are vivacious and exude leadership. As a group, we quickly realised we all brought different skills to the table and when combined, we were one powerful force who delivered one heck of a final presentation!
Regardless of whether you are an introvert/extrovert, you prefer to write your thoughts down or scream them from the rooftop, everyone adds value, and everyone’s thoughts and ideas are valued. The Global Shapers group especially was a forum for us all to share our thoughts and aspirations for this company, and as a whole we mashed these thoughts into a few brilliant ideas that we hope will ultimately add value to all Arcadians in one way or another.

So to all Arcadians who are thinking of applying for Generation 2016, this is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Challenge yourself, think outside the box and good luck…!

Emma Phillips – Australia

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