Global Shapers 2017 Look Back

It’s time for a look back on Global Shapers: Generation 2017! 

Pre-application challenge: Shape the Theme  

At the end of May the pre-application challenge went LIVE! During this online challenge the participants had the opportunity to unlock the theme of this year’s program.  Arcadians world wide collaborated online to find the correct outcome!

Official announcement of this year’s theme and the first program participant:

This year’s theme was: #Sustainability4impact – Digital Solutions to improve quality of life.  The first one to unlock the theme, by online collaboration with others, was Kody O’Hea. He won a Golden Ticket for Global Shapers: Generation 2017 which made him the first official participant of this year’s edition! Remember the announcement of this year’s theme? If not, watch the video for a throwback:

Applications open!

In June the applications for Global Shapers 2017 opened. 490 Arcadians applied, shared their motivation for participating and their input on the application challenge.  It was really hard to make a final selection out of all these bright and inspiring persons we have within our company. It was great to see the potential of Arcadis’ early career professionals! To all people who were not selected this year or to our early career professionals who didn’t applied before. We encourage all of you to apply (again)! In the mean time you can become a Global Shapers ambassador by joining our Global Shapers community to stay in touch with Arcadis’ early career professionals world wide!

Generation 2017 started their Global Shapers journey together. Virtual phase until the ripple effect. 

The months after Generation 2017 worked together on several virtual assignments.  During the face-to-face program in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the ripple effect many new ideas have been brought alive, new initiatives have been started and the Global network of professionals have expanded! Generation 2017 surely used their new generation talents to contribute to Arcadis’ strategic priorities: sustainability and digital. And it has only just begun…

To learn more about the program and deliverables please contact one of the Global Shapers from your region.
















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