The voice of China: stories of young Arcadians from China

Edited by Lewis Liu

When people talk about China, words like ancient, mysterious are most commonly mentioned among alien, which is probably because most Chinese people are “quiet and shy”. Even while Arcadis Greater China has more than 2,000 employees at over 20 local offices, few Arcadians are used to post their stories on social platforms like Yammer, sharing with global colleagues. The voice from China is rarely heard, while in fact, we do a lot of awesome work as well as enjoy many happy moments with Arcadis. The young generation also is full of enthusiasm and energy, always ready for the new challenges! Here are the stories from the Young Arcadians across China.

PROUD STORY WITHIN ARCADIS – Louise ZHANG – Assistant Project Manager, Shanghai, China East

Victoria’s Secret is a world-famous brand for its lingerie and beauty products. It is my great honor to be employed as the assistant PM to construct its first batch of flagship stores in the China market (Shanghai, Chengdu & Suzhou). With my team members, we overcame dozens of challenges before successfully delivering the project. We fully understood the client’s design-driven concept and guided them through all government permits applications; customized tracking log template for monitoring thousands of pieces of owner supplied materials from the US; and coordinated with 10+ ELV vendors to ensure their works met all the requirements with no delays or conflicts.

With all members’ hard work, we received very positive feedback from the client headship and a Letter of Appreciation from the client’s PM. Our stores also have become references for other ongoing VS projects like Chongqiong Store, Macao Store, etc. Once you come to China, you should definitely take a visit to our works!

WHY ARCADIS – Julie Xu  – Consultant, Shanghai, China East

Before I joined Arcadis, I already had 4+ years’ experience in mathematical modelling in the water related domain. Now I want to take a step forward. My desire is to integrate my modelling skills with the international leading concepts to align with the growing market requirements. Arcadis, the advanced and leading expert in water management, can provide me a global view and platform to chase my dream.

Moreover, I always feel I am given a mission to create a sustainable future and Arcadis shares the same value in improving the quality of life. At Arcadis, I hope that with our efforts, we can build-up eco-friendly communities and more liveable cities for all residents.

WORK AT ARCADIS –  Marv WANG – Assistant Project Manager, Shanghai, China East

I joined Arcadis as a assistant project manager and it was the first time that I worked as a PM (previously, I was a structural engineer). At the beginning, I was quite confused about my work at hand and at first felt concerned about how my performance would be. However, my line manager and other members, they gave me useful guides and suggestions timely. With their help, I got through all these challenges and started to play my role in this project very soon. I started to understand the multiple roles I should act: a coordinator (effective communication with all stakeholders); a facilitator (push the project to move forward as scheduled); a supervisor (monitor the site works are safe and sound) and a consultant (identify potential risks at each stage and give advice). So far, everything is under control in this project, and it could be complete soon.

I will be 30 this winter. It makes me believe that I could fulfill most of my dreams in my 30th year, right here in Arcadis. Along with my team and dear collogues, to spend the most wonderful time in my life.

TIME TO DO SPORTS – Gary ZHAO – Graduate Cost Manager, Shanghai, China East

Hey guys, I am Gary from Shanghai office, a graduate cost manager at work, also the biggest fan of the Real Madrid after work. So, without doubts, I immediately joined the football club hold by the Shanghai office since last July.

Every Friday noon, we organise a football game with the members from different business sections. After a whole week of hard work, it is time to relax, also it’s a good opportunity to communicate and to learn from each other. Now we are planning to expand our club with external firms to construct it as a new social platform for the office workers. Get away from your laptop, it’s time to do sports!

DAYS WITH ARCADIS  –  Dan WANG  – Quantity Surveyor, Shanghai, China East

Being a quantity surveyor, sometimes feels a little bit tedious: always dealing with hundreds of pieces of drawings for the whole day. So, the social activities organised by our company is a good relief to make my life colourful. Monthly birthday party with team members, hiking from An’hui to Hangzhou in team building, table tennis competition with the guys from other teams (the champion can get the signature from Ma-Long, the World Champion, bravo!!), etc. These activities really help me to find a balance point between life and works.


GROWTH IN ARCADIS –  Yukai Yan – Quantity Surveyor, Shanghai, China East

I have been with Arcadis as a quantity surveyor for almost two years plus one-year internship. In my case, the progress from a fresh graduate to a professional, can be regarded as a typical example of all young Arcadians like you and me. The college education laid a solid foundation of knowledge and concepts while how the industry works only can be learned from the real practice. With help of my team members and senior colleagues’ continuous guidance in past years, now I am familiar with the role of an estimator in the entire lifecycle of a construction project. Besides work, I also joined our Social Committee and helped to organise the Christmas Party, Annual Meeting, etc.

For the future, I hope I can get the chance to touch the more demanding areas such as contract clauses preparation, claims, etc. Experience from these fields can further enhance my qualification as well as expertise as a QS.

A PUBLIC ACCOUNT FOR ARCADIS CLUB –  Anly LIN – Graduate Project Manager, Guangzhou, China South and  Knight Li  – Graduate Project Manager, Guangzhou, China South

Like the football club and social committee in Shanghai office, we also create a public account on Wechat as a social channel. Sharing ideas and interests is what we would like to do in the first place. We have thought of many ways that can achieve it while the Wechat official account is one of the best in terms of sharing and interactions. We believe that through sharing and interacting with our colleagues, we would be able to create more understanding and fun in our lifes. We have tried to provide different topics and activities that can create empathy and a sense of connection among our colleagues in Arcadis.

For example, we have put special articles about the Mid-Autumn Festival and our Team Building. We also held special monthly activities named Who R U to invite Arcadians from China South to introduce their days and let readers know what it would be like in different departments. The initial and prime idea of this special social club is providing our Arcadians a casual platform to better understand each and enhance personal abilities.

WHY ARCADIS – Mengyuan Zhang – Quantity Surveyor, Chengdu, China West

The first time I searched the famous quantity survey firms, the name of Langdon & Seah came in to my eyes. When I looked for the profiles of its previous projects, these awesome and fantastic works done by Langdon & Seah inspired me to join. Later, Langdon & Seah merged into Arcadis, creating a higher platform for development. I applied immediately without any hesitation. Now I am very proud of being a part of Arcadis, working in this friendly environment and with our professional team can broaden my mind, especially at the beginning stage of my career.


WHAT I GAINED AT ARCADIS – Zhengyu Dai – Assistant Quantity Surveyor, Chengdu, China West

Actually, in the first few days in Arcadis, I was always very anxious and worried about my low efficiency and unprofessionalism that would impact my colleagues’ performance. Fortunately, I have very nice and patient team members. They taught me hand by hand and encouraged me to grow confidence in my work. I remembered clearly the first time when I prepared the tender inquiry form by myself while my team members happened to be on their annual leave. My hand was even trembling when I clicked the mouse to send the email. But now, I can even answer phone calls from clients in an appropriate and professional fashion. Every day, I move one step ahead, small but firmly.

WHAT I GAINED FROM ARCADIS – Yuhong SHEN – Quantity Surveyor, Chongqing, China West

I joined Arcadis a couple of months ago as a quantity surveyor. Stepping out of the old comfort zone to embrace the new challenges is not easy, but I definitely believe I made the right decision! Learning the new methodology, brain-storming with my new colleagues, guidance from senior team members, etc. all benefit me a lot. I thirst for absorbing every new idea, new techniques, new knowledge, and eventually, that can strengthen me as a professional quantity surveyor and deliver the best service to my clients.



“Across the Great Wall, we can reach every corner in the world.” This was the first email sent from China to worldwide back to 1987. Today, the voice from China still will be live broadcast, over cross the continents and oceans, to reach all the Arcadians.


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